Solar Battery Claims

Mis-sold Solar Batteries

It is common practice that Solar energy salespeople overstate the benefits of Solar Panels and Solar Batteries. Many customers are 'told' of the benefits but receive nothing in writing. The most common complaint we hear is that customers are told that the earnings and savings will more than cover the cost of the finance payments. However, this is never the case.

A typical situation of a mis-sold solar battery client

I was talked into having a 3.3kWp solar array with a 3.3kWh Duracell Energy Bank battery in December 2019 by a Project Solar salesperson. A second battery promised a few months later—a £10,500 loan funded the entire purchase at 9.9% over ten years.

I was 'told' (but nothing in writing) that the earnings and savings would more than cover the finance payments, and I would break even in around ten years.

So far, I haven't had a smart meter installed, so it would appear that all our exports are not earning us anything. I have also been informed that the second battery is somehow incompatible with Social Energy, so it cannot be installed. I have been offered a 5.8kWh solar battery to replace the existing Duracell battery.

We were told there would be a 90 day period before the smart meter could be installed where we wouldn't get paid. But the Covid situation has now delayed the smart meter installation indefinitely.

However, the Social Energy app seems to be measuring our export (possibly via CT clamps?). Should we be entitled to compensation for the delayed smart meter installation?

We are paying around £135 per month for the loan. This is more than we could ever save or earn in even the best month. In addition, we will pay over £5,700 in interest over the course of the loan, making the total cost over £16000. I cannot see how the system could ever recoup this total outlay?

If you are unsure if you have been mis-sold your solar panels or solar battery and used a credit card or took out finance to fund them, give us a call. Our solar panel experts will examine your case and assess if you qualify for compensation. Qualifying cases will be submitted on a No Upfront Fee basis.