Spray Foam Insulation Claims

Spray foam insulation, also called spray foam or spray polyurethane foam (SPF), is sold by home improvement companies to insulate your roof, walls or floor.

In recent years companies have pitched the benefits of spray foam as reducing the cost of your energy bills and keeping your house warm.

The cost of the energy crisis has led people to look for alternative ways to reduce their energy costs, but does spray foam insulation actually do what it says on the tin or is it being mis-sold?

Unfortunately, as with many Home Improvement solutions, many people have been oversold the benefits of spray foam insulation and have not been given the correct advice.

A recent report by the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) said there might be as many as 250,000 homes with spray foam insulation in the loft. It said the guidance offered to its members was to adopt a "highly cautious approach, recommending removal of the spray foam in almost every case". Click here to read the full article.

  • Spray foam can restrict air circulation in the roof and timbers, leading to condensation and rotting of wooden roof supports.
  • Spray foam can put stresses on supporting roof timbers and cause distortion to the roof.
  • Although Spray foam may come with a guarantee, it does not guarantee the damage it may cause.
  • Lenders are reluctant to lend on properties with spray foam insulation.
  • Removing the insulation is likely to cost more than installation.

Andy Wilson, an equity release specialist, said he started noticing the issue two years ago when clients came to him saying they had been told they couldn't sell or remortgage their property following a surveyor's valuation. The problem was foam insulation installed in their roof.

He said: "One client who came to me was devastated because the surveyor had shown them a form where the surveyor had put the value of the property at £0. They were told it was because they had had foam insulation installed in their roof."

Do you Qualify for a Spray Foam Insulation Claim?

  • Did the seller provide you with linked finance to purchase your Spray Foam?
  • Did you pay a deposit on a credit card?
  • Were you made aware of the full implications and possible negative effects of the foam?
  • Have you been unable to sell, remortgage or get an equity release, due to having the foam?

If so, talk to one of our claims experts today.

Spray Foam Insulation - The Ugly Truth ?

People warned not to use 'cowboy' foam insulation firms

In a recent article published by the BBC on 21st November 2022, the pitfalls of spray foam installation were highlighted yet again.

People are putting their homes at risk by using rogue companies that offer spray foam insulation, according to one of the UK's largest mortgage providers.
Nationwide Building Society says thousands of pounds worth of damage can be caused if it is wrongly installed.

The lender says it expects enquiries about spray foam to "skyrocket" as more people seek to better insulate their homes. It is advising people to make sure they only use reputable firms.

Sandra Burton from Nottingham says she was targeted by a "cowboy" firm that put spray foam insulation in her roof, causing problems which have cost £4,500 to repair.

Yet even when spray foam is installed correctly by a reputable firm, there can be problems, as Yasemin Rowland from Surrey found when she tried to sell her house.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors says while it is not calling for an outright ban on spray foam it is advising homeowners to get an independent expert to check that it is suitable for their home.

There are much cheaper alternatives too, such as the more traditional roll insulation, available for a few hundred pounds from most DIY stores.

You can read the full BBC article by clicking here

RPSA featured on Rip-off Britain talking about spray foam insulation