Azure Resorts Claims

If you bought a Timeshare with Azure Resorts between 2006-2018 using Barclays Partner Finance or Honeycomb Finance to fund your purchase , we can get your money back !

We charge absolutely NO upfront fees . You only pay us once we have won your claim and the money is in your bank .

Do you qualify for money back from Barclays Partner Finance ?

  • If you took out a loan with Barclays Partner Finance or Honeycomb Finance between 2006-2018 to buy a Timeshare at Golden Sands Resort in Malta , we can claim back your money.
  • You still qualify for a claim , even if you have paid off the finance .
  • You may still qualify for a claim , even if you have relinquished your Timeshare at Golden Sands.

Azure resorts are the company behind the sale of Timeshare at Golden Sands Resort in Malta. Azure resorts went into liquidation in 2020, with the resort's management passed to VCMS.

Azure resorts were illegally selling Timeshare as an investment. Azure members, many elderly, were forced into upgrading their 'investment ' multiple times with the promise of huge returns. Unfortunately, like many other Timeshare scams, this never came to fruition.

Due to Azure Resorts going into administration, the only Azure members that would qualify for a claim are those that took out a loan between 2006-2018. The primary lenders that funded the purchase of a Timeshare at Golden Sands Resort were Barclays Partner Finance and Honeycomb Finance. This type of finance is known as 'linked' finance—the same finance used by companies like Club La Costa and Diamond Resorts. These types of finance agreements are specific for the purchase of Timeshare and different to unsecured personal loans.

Azure members that took out a loan with Barclays Partner Finance or Honeycomb finance are protected under the 1974 consumer credit act. As a FCA regulated company , we can make a claim on your behalf .

If you are unhappy with your purchase , and would like your money back , get in touch .

Azure Resorts Mis-selling Tactics

  • Were you sold your Timeshare as an investment?
  • Were you told you could resell your membership?
  • Were you convinced into upgrading?
  • Were you told that to resell your membership, you needed to increase the size of your apartment or put it into a better season?
  • Were you told that your purchase would be self-funding by way of rental returns?
  • Were you subject to lengthy high-pressure sales tactics?
  • Were you provided with an unsuitable loan from Barclays Partner Finance ?
  • Were you given personal guarantees from salespeople ?
  • Were you told to ignore the part of their contract which said 'their was no guarantee of resale ?'

If you answered yes to any of the above tactics , get in touch .

The timeshare industry and its associates have done their very best to cover up mass mis-selling for many years. And unfortunately , up until recently , it has worked. It is only due to the unrelenting pressure from companies such as ours that timeshare owners now find themselves in a position to seek financial redress. If you would like to exit your timeshare contract or make a claim , get in touch .

  • We DO NOT charge any upfront fees , and you only pay us once your have received your money .