Club La Costa Liquidation Claims And Complaints

Club La Costa Liquidation Claims And Complaints

Club La Costa members have been left out in the cold since the liquidation of a massive part of the company.

Club La Costa UK PLC has filed for voluntary bankruptcy. Click here to see the official company's house records.

The takeover by Wyndham of the remaining resorts has also left members confused and worried about the future of their timeshare memberships, maintenance fees, and finance.

This huge vacuum of uncertainty created by Club La Costa has led to thousands of members being scammed by fake timeshare claims companies that have created a narrative of fear and reward.

It is true that the vast majority of Club La Costa members were mis-sold their timeshare points or fractional ownerships. This does not, however, mean that all CLC members automatically qualify for compensation.

Unfortunately, we hear horror stories every week where CLC members have paid substantial upfront fees to timeshare claims companies when they simply do not qualify to claim.

This, however, is a familiar story, where timeshare owners are firstly mis-sold and taken advantage of by the timeshare companies, then mis-sold by the people they have paid to help.

For many years the Timeshare propaganda machine has been working overtime to try and protect the image of the timeshare industry, working closely with Club La Costa, whose deep pockets lined those it paid to defend them. But, of course, ultimately being paid for by the consumer!

If the Timeshare industry had spent as much time and money on protecting consumers as it did hiring third-party image consultants, finance companies, such as Barclays Partner Finance, wouldn't now find themselves refunding over 200 million pounds of loans. And Shawbrook Bank, First Holiday Finance and Hitachi FInance wouldn't now find themselves at the edge of a precipice, holding onto their money and integrity for dear life!

Club La Costa member forums are littered with members seeking advice on cancelling their Club La Costa contracts and complaining that resort availability is few and far between. However, one thing is consistent for Club La Costa members, the maintenance bills and loan repayments!

If, like many others, you are disillusioned with Club La Costa, feel like you were mis-sold and believe you have a compensation claim, give us a call. You can also find valuable Club La Costa claim qualification tips by clicking here.

We deal with hundreds of Club La Costa complaints every month. If you are worried about losing all of your money or have an ongoing finance agreement, get in touch. We can exit you from your contract and help you recover all of your money without the payment of any upfront fees.