Section 75 Claims

Credit Card Claims

Assisting with S75 claims is a regulated claims management activity. Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Limited are a claims management company. You are not required to use a claims management company to pursue a claim. You are able to make a claim to the financial institution or to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself

If you have paid for a product or service that hasn't been provided , or met your expectations ? If you used a credit card to pay for any part of that purchase, you may qualify for a full refund plus compensation from your credit card provider. The official title for this type of claim is Section 75. Section 75 of the 1974 consumer credit act was passed by parliament on the 31st July 1974.

It is essential to understand that Banks and Financial institutions are not legally obligated to refund you just because you submit a Section 75 claim , you have to win your case. If the bank rejects your claim, you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. However, the Financial Ombudsman Service will base their final decision on the evidence and case that you have presented. As such, we would recommend engaging our experienced team of claims management experts to ensure that you win your case and receive back the amount you are entitled to.

What are the reasons that may qualify you for a refund from your credit card company?

  • Fraudulent transactions
  • The mis-selling of goods or services.
  • Misrepresentations as to claims and promises made by the seller which is found to be untrue.
  • A seller who goes out of business leaving a consumer without the promised goods or services.

What are the official rules For Claiming Under Section 75?

  • Proof of misrepresentation or breach of contract by the seller
  • Purchases must be between £100 and £30,000 per claim .
  • Goods or services must be paid for using a credit card
  • Six year time limit

Important Information That Is Often Misunderstood

As an example .If you purchase goods or services at a cost of £10,000, but you only pay a deposit of £500.00 via credit card, and you pay the remaining £9500.00 by bank transfer, then the protection under Section 75 means that the credit card company are responsible for the full £10,000. Even though you only paid £500.00 by credit card, if your claim is successful, the whole £10,000.00 will be repaid to you with interest. Be aware that you must be able to prove the creditor - debtor- supplier- link. Credit card companies will often try and pay you the amount you paid on your credit card . This often comes as a 'take it or leave it ' offer. Don't be fooled ! If the claim is presented in the correct manor, with due dillegance , then the full amount will be awarded. We specialize in section 75 technicalities and have the knowledge to get you the most amount of compensation.

Failed Section 75 Claims

Many of our customers engage us after they have had their Section 75 claims rejected. In this situation it is important to remember that all is not lost. Banks do not like paying you back your money and will often find any excuse to do so.If a bank has already rejected your claim , it dilutes your chances of winning your case the second time round. Winning your claim the first time round is the recommended route. We are very experienced in dealing with failed section 75 claims , our legal experience and knowledge will make you a financial difference.

If you have paid for a product or service using your credit card and would like us to make a claim on your behalf, give us a call.