La Pinta - Shawbrook Bank Timeshare Claims

Were you sold your timeshare at La Pinta in Tenerife as an investment? Did you take out a loan with Shawbrook Bank to finance this investment scam? If so, we can get your money back.

Apart from the fact that La Pinta did not hold an FCA licence to provide finance, it is also illegal to sell timeshare as an investment. As such, Shawbrook Bank is now responsible for paying back your money and compensating you.

Shawbrook Bank has a track record of providing dodgy timeshare loans and already owes British timeshare owners millions of pounds in compensation. The loan you took out with Shawbrook Bank is protected by the 1974 Consumer Credit Act. As such, under UK law, the lender is responsible for paying your compensation.

Thousands of La Pinta timeshare victims were led to believe that they were purchasing a fractional ownership that would be resold for them in 2030. This is a very common timeshare scam, that companies such as Club La Costa, Diamond Resorts, Silverpoint and Azure Resorts were also involved in.

Successful claimants will receive all their money back from Shawbrook Bank plus statutory compensation of 8% per year. We will carry out your claim without you paying us any upfront fees. Therefore, you only pay us if we win.

Get in touch with us to check if you qualify to make a Shawbrook Bank timeshare claim.

La Pinta - Shawbrook Bank Timeshare Claims