Romance Scams

Have you lost money in a Romance Scam ?

Did you pay £3000 or more by Bank Transfer to a Romance Scammer after May 2019? If so, we can claim your money back from your Bank, and you only pay us if we win.

In today's world of social media, an instant connection is just a click away. With some people looking for friendship and others, that little bit more. As with all industries, there will always be a specific segment looking to take advantage of those with a genuine need.

During the UK's covid lockdown, there was a considerable jump in romance fraud, with people looking to benefit from closer contact through the internet. In the year beginning 2020, the average loss per victim was £7850, up by 20% from previous years. The Online Dating Association (ODA) estimate that over 2.3 million Brits used dating apps during the first lockdown, with 64 per cent of people surveyed seeing dating apps as a lifeline for those living alone.

How to spot a Romance Scam

  • You have met someone online , and in a very short space of time they are confessing their love for you
  • You have met someone online , and it seems too good to be true
  • They quickly ask you to move away from the dating app to a private messaging platform such as what's app or by email
  • Their social media profile doesn't add up to what they are telling you
  • Their media profiles and pictures are very generic and almost unreal
  • They make excuses in relation to not having a camera on their computer or phone
  • They refuse to meet you in person
  • They will indicate they would like for your relationship to stay secret from your family
  • They ask to to send them money by Bank Transfer for presents , rent , medical bills , or travel so they can visit you
  • They will try to convince you that they will pay you back the money you have given them
  • They will use emotional triggers and possibly try and use pictures that you have sent them to blackmail you
  • They will threaten to share private pictures with your friends

We understand that once you realise you have been scammed in this way , that it can be very embarrassing. We treat every call in the strictest of confidence and will never judge you . We are here to help . Call us today if you have lost money in a Romance scam.

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Romance Scams