Impersonation Scams

Have been caught out by an impersonation scam ?

It is very uncommon that we speak with anyone that hasn't received a text message or email from an organisation pretending to be someone else. Text messages from Royal Mail, Delivery Companies, HMRC, your Bank and many others constantly clog up our inboxes asking for payments or threatening legal action for unpaid bills. All with one thing in common, they're not who they say they are!

Types of Impersonation Scams

Many criminals will go to great lengths to convince you that they are who they say they are. The cloning of websites, phone numbers and email addresses are widespread. They might even have all or part of your bank account details. In many unfortunate cases, this has been enough for many people to transfer and lose thousands of pounds unwittingly.

  • Were you told that your bank account was at risk and that you needed to transfer all your money to a 'safe account' immediately ?
  • Were contacted and asked for your financial details immediately ?
  • Were you asked to provide your financial details for a tax or utilities rebate ?
  • Were you tricked into logging into your bank account and inadvertently giving criminals time to take your money ?
  • Were you told to give money to a courier due to a ongoing police investigation ?
  • Was your email hacked and you paid the wrong business or person ?

If you have lost money in an impersonation scam and need help , give us a call .

Impersonation Scams - We can help you get your money back from your Bank.