Anfi Resorts Timeshare Compensation Claims - Update 2023

Great news for past and present Anfi timeshare owners. New information regarding the sale of timeshares at Anfi resorts now means that thousands more Anfi members can claim compensation.

Investigations have shown that Anfi did not have the required Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Regulation to act as a credit intermediary. As such, they illegally provided finance through Shawbrook Bank, Hitachi Personal Finance and Barclays Partner Finance without permission.

What does this mean for the consumer?

If you took out a loan with any of the above banks to fund the purchase of your Anfi timeshare, you could be entitled to a full refund plus compensation. Your refund will equal the total amount you paid to the finance company and will also include compensation of 8% per year on the whole capital.

1. Full Refund.
2. Compensation of 8% per year.
3. Maintenance Fees.
4. Outstanding Finance written off.

Anfi Resorts Timeshare Compensation Claims 2023

How does it work?

If successful, the lender that provided you with the money for the purchase of your timeshare at Anfi becomes responsible for your compensation payment.

The lenders involved are:

1. Barclays Partner Finance.
2. Shawbrook Bank.
3. Hitachi Personal Finance (Novuna).

There are no upfront fees to pay us, and you only pay us if we win. Contact our friendly team today for information and to begin your claim.