Global Great Hotels (GGH) Timeshare Claims

Yet again, another timeshare company has disappeared with investors' money. For the last 24 months, we have been receiving worrying phone calls from concerned members regarding their failed investments at Global Great Hotels (GGH).

Most of our clients have lost more than £60,000, and even more worryingly, most of these clients re-mortgaged their homes on the understanding that what they were purchasing was an investment.

As with all timeshare scams, victims are led to believe that they weren't purchasing a 'timeshare'. The product itself was sold as 'Real Estate Periods', which benefited from a 'Reassignment Programme' that allowed victims to benefit from rental returns. Ownership was sold as an asset that could be resold, with the profits being distributed between investors.

Ultimately, the victims purchased a timeshare, which is now subject to yearly and increasing maintenance bills from the infamous Ona Group. Questions have been raised over many years about Ona Group's seeming ability to clean up from members' misfortunes.

If you took out a loan, paid by credit card, or remortgaged your home to fund your timeshare purchase with Global Great Hotels, get in touch. Many of the credit intermediaries involved were FCA-regulated brokers that we can now hold to account.

We do not charge any upfront fees, so you only pay us if we win. To begin your Global Great Hotels timeshare claim, get in touch.