Diamond Scams

Have you lost money in an unregulated Diamond Investment ?

The vast majority of consumers that lose money in unregulated diamond investments are those that cold callers contact. The golden rule when investing is if the company you are considering investing with isn't FCA regulated, then walk away. You can check if a company's FCA regulation by clicking here FCA REGULATION CHECKER .

What are Diamond investment scams?

As with most investment scams, salespeople will try to convince you that you can't lose! And give you personal guarantees that you are doing the right thing. However, the actual investment will centre around the vast returns you will make by investing your money.

Salespeople will convince investors to purchase overpriced or non-existent diamonds on the understanding that they can resell them at a profit. As a result, many clients are railroaded to make multiple purchases to upgrade their portfolios. These upgrades and additional investments are sold as 'one-time' offers where immediate on the day decisions need to be taken. Or rare coloured diamonds become suddenly available to 'special' clients.

When investors ask for their diamonds to be resold or to liquidate their investment, this is often met with hostility or told that 'it's the wrong time to resell'. With the salesperson turning the situation into trying to sell more diamonds while the market is low!

As with most unregulated investments, there is limited genuine information on which a consumer can make an informed decision. As such, people rely on the information they are given. Unfortunately, the information provided by salespeople is biased and based on their desire to earn a commission. So many of our clients have been lured in by the 'friendly people that seemed so genuine '. This common mistake has led to financial and emotional stress for thousands of people across the UK.

There are many types of unregulated investments that were contacted about , here are just a few :

  • Bamboo
  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Graphene
  • Hotels
  • International forestry
  • Land for development
  • Land overseas
  • Overseas agriculture
  • Parking
  • Precious metals
  • Storage
  • Student accommodation
  • Sustainable energy
  • UK forestry
  • Wine

If you have lost money to a scam , get in touch .