Shawbrook Bank Timeshare Claims

Timeshare Finance Provided by Shawbrook Bank

Shawbrook Bank followed the lead of Barclays Partner Finance and entered the murky world of Timeshare lending over ten years ago. Shawbrook provided unsecured high-interest rate loans to victims of the Club La Costa Timeshare scandal. Despite the Timeshare industry not being regulated, the relationship with Club La Costa lasted until the liquidation of Club La Costa PLC in December 2020.

We have had numerous complaints regarding Shawbrook Bank and Club La Costa, with many victims complaining of mis-selling and breaches of consumer law.

These are some of the most common complaints :

  • They wouldn't let us leave until we signed.
  • They kept us there for eight hours, changing the deal every time we said NO.
  • We didn't even know we had signed a finance agreement.
  • They said we could cancel at anytime.
  • Every time we went back to CLC, they told us we had been sold the wrong product and we needed to upgrade.
  • They told us it was an investment, which we now understand is illegal.
  • They showed us around a lovely apartment, which we have never been able to book since.
  • We tried to re-mortgage, but we were rejected due to the £40,000 Timeshare loan we had with Shawbrook Bank.
  • We have been paying the loan for years, and are still paying off the interest.
  • We were told we could resell our membership, we have since found out that this isn't possible.

If you took out a Finance agreement with Shawbrook Bank to purchase a Timeshare with Club La Costa, and would like to claim, get in touch.