Rejected Section 75 Claims

If your credit provider rejects your Section 75 Claim, you have three options.

  • Challenge the decision directly with your credit provider
  • Refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
  • Contact us for expert advice and submission.

There are several reasons why your credit provider may have rejected your section 75 claim. Sometimes it may not be self-evident why this may be the case. However, understanding what could have possibly gone wrong will ensure pre-emptive measures that you could take.

A. The service or product provider has provided enough evidence to persuade the credit provider that outweighs your arguments.

B. You have not sufficiently provided enough substantive evidence to persuade the credit provider that you are entitled to a refund.

C. You have not adequately answered all the credit provider's questions concerning your claim.

D. The credit provider is playing hardball and would rather take their chances with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

E. If multiple consumers have been affected, they may not wish to expose their liability and hold out until the matter either goes to court or the company ceases to trade.

F. You have not proven the creditor-debtor-supplier link.

G. You are out of time due to the statute of limitations and are, therefore, statute barred.

H. Your claim exceeds the limit pertaining to section 75 claims.

Our expert Section 75 claims knowledge enables us to pre-empt all possible rejection scenarios, thus, being able to present your claim correctly the first time around. Our expert knowledge won't always guarantee that we will be successful, however, it does give you the best possible chance of success.