Successful Timeshare Claims

Over the last forty years, hundreds of thousands of British Timeshare Owners were missold their Timeshares and Timeshare Finance. Our expertise and persistence have led to hundreds of our clients being refunded and awarded compensation. Click here to look at some of our recent winning claims.

Do you qualify for Timeshare compensation ?

If you purchased at Timeshare with any of the following companies and used a credit card or finance facility to fund your purchase, we can help you recover your money and get any outstanding loans written off. Even if you have paid off your finance , you may still qualify for a claim. And in some cases , we can claim back as far as 2006!

  • Club La Costa - Barclays Partner Finance , Shawbrook Bank , Hitachi Personal Finance and First Holiday Finance.
  • Silverpoint / Resort Properties - Barclays Partner Finance , Clydesdale Financial Services , Honeycomb Finance and HMC Funding.
  • Club Paradiso - Barclays Partner Finance , HMC Funding.
  • Diamond Resorts - Barclays Partner Finance
  • Azure Resorts - Barclays Partner Finance , Vacation Finance Limited and Honeycomb Finance.
  • MGM Resorts - Barclays Partner Finance
  • Anfi Resorts - Barclays Partner Finance

Do any of these apply to you ?

  • Has the Timeshare company has gone into liquidation ?
  • Was the Timeshare product you purchased was sold to you as an investment, or you were told it could be resold ?
  • Did the Timeshare Company said you needed to upgrade in order to be able to resell ?
  • Were you told that your Timeshare purchase would be self-funding ?
  • Were you provided with a Finance Agreement at the point of sale ?
  • Were you sold Finance to purchase your Timeshare without viable credit checks or qualifications.
  • Has the Timeshare contract you purchased been ruled against by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) ?
  • Did you pay an on the day deposit on a credit card ?
  • Did the Timeshare seller brake the 2008 mis-selling regulations ?
  • Has the Timeshare company or one of its paid representatives influenced you into signing a Waiver preventing you from making a claim ?
  • You weren't made aware of the 14-day cooling-off period ?

We provide a free claim qualification facility to all Timeshare Owners. However, if you are unsure if you qualify, get in touch. Our Expert Timeshare Claims Team will assess your case and be able to give you a transparent perspective on if you are eligible. All qualifying cases that we choose to take on will be carried forward on a No Upfront Fee basis.

Within the last six months, we have received landmark decisions from the Financial Ombudsman Service that have ruled in favour of Silverpoint , Azure Resorts , Club Paradiso , Club La Costa and Diamond Resorts Timeshare owners.

The Finance providers that we have claimed against are listed below. All of these finance companies provided funding for the purchase of Timeshare products.

  • Clydesdale Financial Service ( Trading as Barclays Partner Finance )
  • Shawbrook Bank
  • Hitachi Personal Finance
  • First Holiday Finance
  • Vacation Finance Limited
  • Honeycomb Finance
  • American Mortgage companies

If you have taken out a loan to purchase a Timeshare with any of the above Timeshare Finance companies or still have an existing loan, get in touch. The only way to cancel a current Timeshare loan agreement is to make a claim.

You can find specific information about claims against your particular timeshare company listed in the above menu. If you have already submitted a claim and been unsuccessful, we may still be able to help. Unfortunately, the FCA or SRA does not regulate the majority of Timeshare claims companies. By law only SRA and FCA Regulated companies can make S75 consumer credit claims . If the company you have paid money to , isn't regulated , they will not be able to help. These companies pass themselves off as 'legal companies ' that take substantial upfront fees for their own personal gain. If you have been cold called and caught out, give us a call. We will help you recover your funds.