Club Paradiso Timeshare Claims

Club Paradiso Claims

Club Paradiso in Tenerife closed its membership and resorts in June 2020. The Club Paradiso membership system was another investment scheme created by the Resort Properties / Silverpoint Timeshare group. The same group behind the Timeshare investment scandal at Azure Resorts in Malta.

Resort Properties and Silverpoint members were sold multiple timeshare weeks as an investment, using Barclays Partner Finance—then told that due to their weeks not selling and the impending maintenance fees looming, they would be better off upgrading into a 'better' investment, Club Paradiso. The promise of huge returns and self-financing deals lured many thousands of British tourists into the next stage of the timeshare trap.

The fight to get Barclays Partner Finance to return our client's money hasn't been easy. However, our persistence, determination and knowledge have resulted in enormous payouts for our clients.

Below are real examples of what our clients have won. As you will see, some have received back much more than what they originally paid.

Club Paradiso Winning Claim Examples

The claim examples below were paid to our Club Paradiso claim clients . All of these clients took out finance with Barclays Partner Finance . Real people getting real refunds plus compensation.

Refund of Payments 8% Interest Refund Maintenance Fee Refund 8% Interest on Maintenance Fees Total Refund Won
£20,967.97 £7526.29 - - £28,494.26
£30,299.56 £8,759.51 £850.00 £198.52 £40,107.59
£26,995.34 £10,326.26 - - £37,321.60