Cancel Your Timeshare Maintenance Fees

How to cancel your Timeshare maintenance fees

Cancelling your Timeshare ownership and maintenance fees can often be more simple than you think. Most Timeshare contracts are not worth the paper they're written on. As such, it is very uncommon these days that you will have a debt collector turn up at your door. Most Timeshare companies have millions of pounds in claims racked up against them. So any effort to try and recover maintenance fees would be in vain.

You can count on one hand which Timeshare resorts still enforce legal proceedings for non-payment of fees. However, these very same resorts are the ones you will also have a problem with after you have passed away. The majority are located in England and Scotland.

The statute of limitations limits a collection of outstanding debts to six years. Anything after that point is written off and cannot be collected or held against your estate. Unless, of course , there has been a charge against your property.

Common Timeshare Maintenance Fee Lies

Below are the common lies that cold callers will tell you in order to scam you out of your money.

  • You are on a register of Timeshare debtors.
  • The debt collectors will be knocking on your door.
  • Your Timeshare company has been taken over and the incoming company will be claiming back the debt.
  • Due to the U.K leaving the European Union , you only have a very limited time to fix your problem.
  • You are leaving the debt to your children.
  • Your estate will be responsible for the outstanding debt.
  • It is only Spanish lawyers and Spanish courts that can dissolve your Timeshare membership.
  • Unless you have an official notification from your resort , you are not out of your Timeshare.
  • Your Timeshare is only suspended not cancelled.

It is always of the upmost importance that your Timeshare membership and maintenance fees are cancelled correctly . It maybe the case that you can do this at no charge directly with your Timeshare resort . If you would like to legally cancel your maintenance fees , give us a call . Our no upfront fee service is risk free and will give you peace of mind that nothing is left to chance .