Debit Card Claims

It is a misconception that you aren't afforded any consumer protection when you pay on your Debit Card.

Unlike credit card protection, you are not covered by Section 75. However, you can ask for a refund, most commonly known as a 'chargeback'. Banks are not legally obligated to refund you through this process, so it is vitally important that your case is watertight. Small mistakes can be the difference between success and failure.

The rules for making a 'chargeback'.

  • Chargebacks must be made within 120 days or within 120 days of when the service is provided.
  • No minimum or maximum limit to the amount you can claim.
  • Circumstances that would warrant making a chargeback
  • The company closes down.
  • The goods or services were not as described.
  • The delivery doesn't arrive.
  • Fraud

Debit Card Claim Complexities

If you paid for a product or service partly by debit card and partly by credit card, you would make a claim under Section 75 with your credit card provider. This is because your credit card provider will also be liable to pay you the amount you paid on your debit card

Some banks and credit card companies treat customers fairly, whilst others don't.

With many making the process of claiming back what is rightfully yours a comfortable one. Others will do all they can not to pay you back your money—often offering to return you less money than rightfully owed. These underhand tactics are unfortunately commonplace across many banks and credit card companies.

Overall customer satisfaction rankings issued by the CMA.

Beware of payment scams.

Unfortunately, we hear hundreds of horror stories every month from timeshare scams victims, with many victims losing thousands of pounds due to the way they paid.

After a few months, most scam companies lose their credit card facilities due to the credit processor, such as stripe, realising their fraudulent ways with some scam companies not able to take credit card payments. This results in these companies only accepting payment by bank transfer. So if your only option is to pay by bank transfer, you should proceed with caution. Paying by bank transfer gives you little protection once that payment is made.

A voluntary code has been created that gives hope to customers who have paid for a scam by bank transfer. This code is called Push Payment Fraud. So if you have paid by bank transfer, there is still a chance you can recover your money. We are pleased to offer this service on a No Upfront Fee basis.

We have recently heard that many banks are preventing customers from making bank transfers because the receiving bank and company are flagged as fraudulent. However, we also know that many more are still being caught out. If you are worried that you have become a victim of fraud and would like help recovering your money, give us a call.

Key Point: If the company or individual is that confident that they can win your claim, ask them to take payment once they have won your case. Any genuine company should be happy to proceed on these terms. If not, avoid it at all costs.