Club La Costa Trial Membership Claims

We could get your money back if you purchased a Club La Costa trial membership and paid for it with a finance provider or credit card. Club La Costa would often cold call consumers to invite them to sales presentations across the UK in the hope that they would purchase a three-year trial membership. This promotional package of weeks was the gateway into what, for many, were numerous upgrades into CLC points and fractional memberships.

Club La Costa Trial Membership Claims

As many CLC members soon realised, their so-called 'trial' membership was a promotional package of weeks used by club la costa to try and upgrade consumers into a full membership.

Shawbrook Bank, Barclays Partner Finance, Hitachi Personal Finance and First Holiday Finance often financed the trial memberships. Some consumers also paid by credit card. If this is you, you may be eligible to reclaim all your money.

Although. CLC trial memberships were sold for three years and financed over 10-15 years; the loans would often be re-financed by secondary finance taken out when clients upgraded. This is also known as a 'fake trade-in' or a 'load and drop'. As a result, many clients believed that the original trial membership finance had been written off when it had actually been added to the upgrade cost of the new product.

Many trial members were upgraded within twelve months but still continued to pay for the trial membership years later. In contrast, some trial members could not use their trial memberships but were still forced to pay for the loan.

If you purchased a Club La Costa trial membership or subsequent memberships, and feel like you were mis-sold, get in touch. You may be liable to a full refund plus compensation.

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