Free Timeshare Claim Checker

Free Timeshare Claim Checker

Many timeshare clients have received thousands of pounds in their bank accounts due to us winning their timeshare claims. These successful clients used our no upfront fee service and didn't pay us a penny until they received their winnings.

Unfortunately, thousands of timeshare owners have been given the wrong advice and will never receive the compensation they are entitled to claim. And most of these timeshare clients have paid unnecessary upfront fees that they will never see again. Our business is based on winning claims; as such, we will always give you precise, honest advice on whether you qualify for a claim. If you don't qualify for a claim, you will have avoided spending unnecessary upfront fees for a service that will come to nothing.

We will take on qualifying timeshare claims on a 100% no upfront basis. So you pay us nothing unless we win. Our Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated company has over eight years of experience and is the leading timeshare claims company in the UK.

We receive over fifty weekly calls from timeshare owners who have been given the wrong advice from fake legal firms. It's essential to remember that unless the company you are dealing with is FCA or SRA regulated, they will not be able to process a claim for you. Although, they will still take your money! Not all regulated claims management companies and solicitors are equal, with many lagging behind and presenting incorrect arguments to win their client's cases.

Our free timeshare claim checker service will give you a definitive answer and ensure that you receive the best possible service. If you are unsure about your position and entitlements, call us. Our expert team will put you on the right track and give you the very best chance of success.