My Timeshare Claim

My Timeshare Claim

Timeshare claims rank as one of the fastest-growing claim industries in the UK. In light of recent timeshare resort closures and decisions by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), now is the best time to make a claim for mis-sold timeshare.

If you are wondering if my timeshare claim is eligible for a timeshare compensation payment, you must first check to see if you qualify. Mis-sold Timeshare claims are a specific and technical type of claim that only specialized timeshare claims companies can win. There are many reports of high-street solicitors failing to win the compensation that timeshare owners are entitled to.

Timeshare finance claims have given timeshare owners a window of opportunity to qualify for compensation due to their agreements being covered by the 1974 consumers credit act. Enabling companies such as ours to claim under section 140A or section 75/A of the act. These claims solutions have led to hundreds of our clients receiving back much more money than they actually paid for their timeshare!

For the best of ten years, timeshare claim companies, such as ours, have been leading the way in timeshare claims. Our relentless work in the field of timeshare claims has opened the floodgates for many timeshare owners that were mis-sold their timeshares and timeshare finance.

We have made successful timeshare claims against Clydesdale Financial Services, Barclays Partner Finance, Honeycomb Finance, Shawbrook Bank, Hitachi Personal Finance, and many more. Despite continuous fight back from the timeshare industry, the companies that are paid to protect them, and the finance companies, we have gained justice and, most importantly, compensation for our timeshare claims clients.

All of our timeshare compensation claims have been won without our clients paying a penny in upfront fees. Call us if you think you might be eligible to claim timeshare compensation. Our timeshare claims experts will assess your case free of charge and give you an immediate decision on whether you qualify to make a timeshare claim. This timeshare claim-checking service is free of charge and will help you to avoid falling into the trap of being scammed.