Timeshare Claims UK

Timeshare Claims UK

If you are a British citizen and would like to make a mis-sold timeshare claim, we can help. We are the number one timeshare claims company in the UK and the first to enter the market nearly ten years ago.

Timeshare claims against Club La Costa are one of our most requested services, which we process for clients on a No Upfront Fee basis. Unfortunately, thousands of Club La Costa timeshare owners were mis-sold their timeshare products, leading to a massive outcry from members for compensation and finance cancellation. We are one of the only companies to have had successful claims against Club La Costa that have resulted in our clients receiving real money!

Barclay's timeshare refunds have been a consistent theme from our claims clients for many years. Companies such as Resort Properties in Tenerife, Silverpoint, Azure Resorts in Malta, Club Paradiso, Club La Costa and Diamond Resorts partnered with Barclays Partner Finance(Clydesdale Financial Services) to fund their mis-sold timeshares. It is a partnership that Barclays must now be regretting!

Shawbrook and Hitachi timeshare refunds are also high on our list of requested claims. Shawbrook and Hitachi also teamed up with Club La Costa to provide funding for their Timeshare points and Timeshare fractional products. Both sold by commission-hungry salespeople, much like the Kirby Hoovers and double-glazing salespeople of old!

The typical claim qualifications that usually apply to consumer credit claims are, in most cases, not applied. As such, even if you have paid off your finance, and it was many years ago, you may still qualify.

If you would like to check if you have a timeshare claim for free, give us a call.