Timeshare Claim Scams

Have you been scammed?

In recent years there has been a sharp increase in Cold Calls to Timeshare owners from marketing companies pedalling Timeshare Exit and Timeshare Claim services. Particularly those based in Tenerife and Spain.

These fake services have resulted in thousands of vulnerable UK citizens losing millions. The following key points are a clear indicator that you are a victim.

  • You received an unsolicited Cold Call.
  • You paid upfront fees.
  • Told that you were on a Timeshare register
  • Dealt with a marketing company in Tenerife or Spain
  • Informed that there was a money-back guarantee
  • Promised huge unrealistic compensation
  • Subjected to a lengthy Zoom presentation
  • Told that your family would inherit your timeshare
  • Scared about Maintenance debts and debt collectors
  • Forced to make an on the day decision

Were you given the wrong advice?

Were you told that your Timeshare situation qualified you to make a compensation claim? Unfortunately, unregulated advice has led thousands of Timeshare owners to pay substantial upfront fees for non-qualifying compensation claims. The vast majority of individuals providing advice on whether or not you qualify for a claim are unqualified salespeople looking to earn a commission.

Specific laws prohibit unregulated companies from making financial claims on behalf of victims. Banks and financial institutions will only communicate with companies fully regulated by the FCA or SRA.

A massive 70% of our enquiries are from worried Timeshare owners who were misinformed on their claim's validity. We have had many cases where clients have run out of time to make a regulated claim due to the scam company doing nothing . Or doing what they should of been doing incorrectly.

If you are worried that you have paid upfront fees for legal and claim services that haven't been provided, then give us a call. New laws mean that even if you have paid by bank transfer, we may still be able to recover your money through a Push Payment Fraud process.

A free assessment of your Timeshare Claim will also be carried out. Subject to qualification, we will take on your case on a No Upfront Fee basis.

Contact us in confidence today.