Timeshare Exit Scams

Have you paid to exit your timeshare contract and are worried that you have been scammed?

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in cold callers arranging 'home appointments ' and 'zoom presentations'. These appointments have been made with timeshare owners to talk to 'legal advisors' about their timeshare ownership status.

In reality, all the timeshare resorts in Tenerife and Spain stopped selling, and unemployed salespeople turned from selling timeshare to selling fake legal services.

We have now helped hundreds of timeshare owners recover their money from these companies. And prevented many more from being scammed.

The common denominator related to all of our victims is that the scam started with a COLD CALL.

What are the selling tactics behind fraudulent claim companies?

  • It starts with a cold call
  • You are told that you still own your timeshare even if you don't
  • You are told that you are on the 'official timeshare register ', even though no such thing exists.
  • You are told that money has been set aside by the timeshare company to pay out claims, and unless you proceed 'today', you will miss out.
  • You are told that a maintenance debt is accruing even though you have not paid maintenance for years.
  • You are told that your family will inherit a vast maintenance debt.
  • You are told that you will receive back massive claim amounts
  • You are told that you can only register a claim in Spain
  • You are told that you need to pay upfront as Spanish solicitors will only operate that way.
  • You are told that you are being referred to another company.
  • You are subjected to a long zoom presentation that resembles the very presentation you had when you bought your timeshare.

The reality of claims made by fraudulent timeshare exit and claim companies.

  • Your personal data has been purchased on the black market
  • It's easy to check if you still own your timeshare, just give us a quick call
  • Marketing companies will create all kinds of elaborate stories to 'hook' you in
  • No money has been set aside by timeshare companies or financers to pay out timeshare owners
  • Any genuine company will not cold you and allow you time to think about their offer.
  • Timeshare companies do not, and cannot allow maintenance debts to build up and then present you with a colossal bill years later. The statute of limitation for collection is six years.
  • It is uncommon for timeshare maintenance debts to be carried over into an estate , to find out which ones do , give us a call
  • By law , only SRA and FCA Regulated companies can make S75 consumer credit claims
  • Even if you win a claim in Spain , there is no guarantee that you will receive any money.
  • Thousands of timeshare owners that have paid upfront for timeshare exit and claim services have lost all of their money
  • Timeshare exit and timeshare claims are guided by a simple set of principles and qualifications that do not require a salesperson to convince someone to proceed over a few hours on a zoom call or home visit.

If you have paid a company to provide you with a timeshare exit or timeshare claims service, which hasn't been completed, give us a call. We can help you get back on track and recover your money from the scam.

Due to new banking laws, it is now possible to recover money even if you have paid by bank transfer. If in doubt, don't give in, give us a call.

For more information on how to exit your timeshare safely and make a regulated timeshare claim, give us a call. One of our expert team will guide you through the simple process may also be able to help you recover any money that you have lost to a scam.

Our sister company National Timeshare Helpline have already saved and recovered timeshare owners over £500,000 in 2022.