Timeshare Maintenance Fees - Legal Advice

Timeshare Maintenance Fees - Legal Advice

Statute of Limitations on Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Over the past three years, Timeshare maintenance fee scams have dramatically increased. As a result, thousands of Timeshare owners have unnecessarily paid out thousands of pounds for services that are not needed. The vast majority of these 'services' are provided by scam companies that seek to take advantage of the vulnerable.

If you have not paid your maintenance for six years or more, the statute of limitations has expired, which means that no further action can be taken against you to recover the money. Therefore, paying anyone to relinquish your Timeshare is unnecessary.

The below scare tactics, are untrue :

  • You are still on the 'Timeshare Register'.
  • You maintenance fee debt has been passed to the company that has taken over your Timeshare resort.
  • Unless you have a 'certificate', you are not officially out of your Timeshare contract.
  • Due to Great Britain, leaving the European Union, you have to go ahead before a certain date.
  • You are entitled to a refund of all your maintenance fees plus compensation, don't miss out!

You can read our complete guide to Terminating your Timeshare contract safely, by clicking here.

If you have already lost money, in a Timeshare Exit Scam, and would like to recover your money, get in touch. Our No Upfront Fee policy, means that you pay us nothing, unless we win.

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