Heat Pumps - The New Mis-selling Scandal?

Heat Pumps - The New Mis-selling Scandal?
Heat Pumps - The New Mis-selling Scandal?

If you have been mis-sold your heat pump and you paid for it by credit card or finance, we can help you recover your money. Even if the company you purchased from has closed down.

You would think by now that the powers that be would have learnt their lessons from the Solar Panel mis-selling scandal that affected thousands of consumers across the UK. Yet again, we see that the processes in place to reduce customer detriment are not being followed.

Consumers are being mis-sold by eager salespeople looking to earn a quick commission. Many of the facts regarding the heat pumps are being oversold by salespeople. And many consumers have found that their energy costs have increased and their houses are cold.

As with all products and services, it is correct to say that, for some, they work. However, the point remains that many consumers are negatively financially impacted by rogue heat pump sellers that are taking advantage of people's best intentions.

Have you been mis-sold your Heat Pump? Let's check.

  • Level of noise pollution caused by the fan?
  • You required local authority planning permission to have the system installed at an extra cost that you were unaware of and had to pay for?
  • Increase in electricity bills, particularly in the winter?
  • Payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) have taken years to be paid?
  • You never received an energy grant and now require an EPC?
  • Had to spend more money on energy-saving measures for your home to qualify for RHI Payments?
  • You have had an increase in your electricity bills during the winter months?
  • There has been no reduction in your gas usage even after installing the system?
  • Limited amount of hot water for baths or showers?
  • The house remains cold and never feels warm in the winter?
  • Constant issues with repairs and maintenance of the system?

If so, get in touch